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VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable 1.8 m US2000C/US3000C/US5000C

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RJ47 Ethernet type cable for BMS communication between inverter and pylontech batteries

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Lithium Ion

The BMS cable is made specifically for establishing communication between the Pylontech batteries and the Victron inverters including Multiplus and Quattro

The pin configuration matches the chipeset of the CAN port on the lithium batteries.

It is tested with the following batteries: US2000, US2000C, US3000, US3000C and US5000. 

The lenght is 1.8m

ASS030710018 - VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable 1.8m

  • BYD B-Box
  • Pylontech US2000C/US3000C/Force-L



The side labeled 'CAN-bus BMS' plugs into the battery. The other side, labeled 'VE.Can' must be plugged into either the VE.Can port of the GX device, or the BMS-Can port.

Both port types (VE.Can and BMS-Can) on a GX Device can be configured for use with a CAN-bus BMS connected third party battery.

For configuration, see the manual specific to the brand of battery you are using.


In some cases it might be needed to make the cable at the location. Find below the pin-outs. Make sure to very carefully test the cable after crimping it. Self-made cables are very often the causes of very hard to diagnose problems.

Type A

Function Victron VE.Can side Battery side
GND Pin 3 Pin 6
CAN-L Pin 8 Pin 5
CAN-H Pin 7 Pin 4
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