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Voltacon GEL Lead Acid Solar Battery 12V / 150Ah

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Gel deep cycle batteries maintain their high performance during most of the service life 10-12 years. Suitable for everyday use in solar photovoltaic systems. Off grid and hybrid.

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AGM Lead Acid

GEL Lead Acid Battery HXG12-150. Deep Cycle Maintenance Free

Voltacon Gel batteries are renowned for good performance at high temperatures and tolerant to sulfation effect. If the battery is correctly charged at a floating voltage (we recommend you use MPPT chargers of high quality) the battery can reach 10 to 12 years with very low degradation in stored energy. 

The overall cycle count for Gel batteries is larger compared to AGM because they keep much more lead-acid due to their special design. Gel Batteries are recommended for small and medium size off-grid and hybrid systems up to 22kWh. 

Advantaged of Gel Technology

  • Long lasting due to heat transfer outside the battery
  • High performance even after many cycles. 
  • Stable charging until the end of life 
  • Produces only water by combining oxygen and hydrogen
  • Safe operation, it does not dry out easily
  • Very high cycle count up to 2500
  • Large variation in sizes and voltage, available in 6V and 12V mono-blocs 
  • Sizes : 105Ah, 150Ah, 200Ah, 250Ah and 300Ah.

Energy Stored in 12V, 24V and 48V system

12V: 1.8kWh. | 24V: 3.6kWh | 48V: 7.2kWh

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SINGLE PHASE SOLAR INVERTER  Voltacon AGM LED Acid Solar Battery 12V 150Ah HXG12-150

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