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Voltacon Micro inverter VMI 600W - Grid Tied 230VAC - Single MPPT - G98/G99

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With the maximum output power of 600W, VOLTACON VMI500 microinverter connect to 1 panel and enable module-level maintenance and management of the PV station by monitoring power generation of each module. G98 Grid Standard Compliance

Module-level data can be uploaded to the monitoring platform via VOLTACON data transfer
units through PLCC/Zigbee.

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Micro Inverters


Finally a reliable one! 

A microinverter, mounted on each solar panel, is an elegant solar inverter technology. It boasts the remarkable capability of achieving maximum power point tracking (MPPT) at the module level, surpassing centralized inverters in advantages. This optimization enables the maximization of overall output power by fine-tuning the power output of each module.

Voltaon microinverters, a beacon of excellence, offer a plethora of benefits including rapid shutdown, adaptable panel layout, and comprehensive module-level monitoring and diagnostics. Unleash the full potential of your installation with BENY microinverters. Request your complimentary quote today!

Maximum output power up to 600W/channel adapted to 60,66,72,75 cell or 120,132,144,150sub cell PV panels
Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%
High reliability, IP67 (NEMA 6) enclosure, 6000 V surge protection


Our micro-inverters provide 10-20% yield improvement in net harvested
power (kWh/kW) compared to conventional string inverter-based solar systems

Voltacon modular micro-inverter-based solar systems have significant advantages vs. conventional DC string systems:

  • Maximised harvested energy: shading & defect immunity, reduced cabling losses, and power optimization (MPPT) for each module individually.
  • No single point of failure. Safer system as high voltage DC is eliminated: simple, standardized, cost-effective installation with no specialist DC installers. System management and performance are enhanced through communication down to the individual module level.
  • Voltacon inverters uniquely deliver high performance at low cost and high reliability, yielding ~20% cost of ownership advantage.
  • No moving parts like cooling fans, absence of electrolytic capacitors, and use of GaN MOSFETs, increase the MTBF (mean time before failure) to 25 years

Notice: This inverter requires a grid connection, it does not work off-grid or in parallel with off-grid inverters.

The product is certified for the European and UK market, the list of certificates is available in the download tab. The inverter is also G98/G99 Compliant.

Advantage of de-centralized solar grid inverters

  • Enables True AC-Module.
  • 'Plug & Play' - lower installed cost.
  • Lifetime equivalent to solar panels – 25 years.
  • Higher harvested energy in ‘real world’.
  • High-performance system monitoring.
  • Rooftops compromised by shade.
  • Building Integrated PV (building walls and irregular surfaces).
  • PV on grid-connected power poles or streetlights poles.
Low DC voltage, and invisible.
Components selected from world-class brands.
Individual MPPT for each module.
18A continuous input.
Adapts to any system size and optimizes space.
Hand-in-hand design. Fewer add-ons.
Long 25 years lifetime. Up to 15 years warranty.
Module-level online smart monitoring.

Monitoring Device

Communication with VOLTACON microinverters through PLCC/Zigbee enables users to manage the systems in a smart digital way.

Input Data (DC)  
Recommended Input Power (STC) 400~670W Single, 60~75 full/120~150 sub cells
(300~450W)*2 Parallel, 72~75 full/144~150 sub cells
MPPT Voltage Range 24V-50V
Operating Voltage Range 16V-60V
Maximum Input Voltage 60V
Max. Short Circuit Current 20A
Max. Input Current 18A
Output Data (AC)  
Rated Output Power 600W
Maximum Output Power 620VA (Vac>=230, Vmp>=36)
Rated Voltage/Range 230V/176-265V
Rated Frequency/Range 50Hz/60Hz (46.5-62)Hz
Maximum Continuous Output Current 2.73A
Maximum Harmonic Distortion <3%
Power Factor >0.99 (Default)
Maximum Connection Number In One String 8 units (24A circuit breaker, 10AWG cable)
Peak Efficiency 96.5%
European Efficiency 96%
MPPT Efficiency >99.8%
Night Power Consumption <100mW
Other Parameters  
Communication Method Optional
Safety Protection Classe I
Enclosure Rating IP67
Operating Temperature -40° to +70°
Storage Temperature -40° to +85°
Relative Humidity 0-98%
Transformer Design High frequency transformer, Electrical isolated
Overvoltage Class OVC III (AC), OVC II (PV)
Warranty Period 10 / 25years Optional
Dimensions(L x W x H mm) 210 x 230 x 34
Weight(kg) 2.39
Safety Regulations VDE-AR-N 4105, EN50549-1, NC RFG, C10/11, INMETRO ABNT ABR 16149/16150/62116, CEI-0-21, AS/NZS 4777, VFR2019, G98, IEC/EN61000, IEC/EN62109


Wiring Diagram and Set Up with Gateway Monitoring Device 

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