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Voltasol Hybrid Energy Storage System 8kWh. Super S5 Inverter 5.5kW

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Voltasol Hybrid Energy Storage System.

Customise your own kit by selecting how many panels from the drop-down menu.

£3,790.00 Incl VAT.
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Energy Storage Self Consumption

Hybrid Energy Storage System 8KWH with 5.5kWInverter/Charger


Energy cycle over the course of one day 

In the diagram above you can see how your solar energy setup works over the course of one day. During the night when there is no sun to generate energy and the stored energy from the previous day is consumed, your house will get its' energy from the grid.

Early into the morning the sun rises and the need for Grid energy decreases (as your appliances will be powered partly by solar energy). Depending on your setup, you could find that no more Grid energy is required by 7 AM (as the solar energy generated is enough to account for all the consumption). Soon enough the energy you generate will surpass the consumption of the household and your excess energy will start getting stored into the batteries.

When your energy storage system is fully charged, there are 2 things that could happen to the energy that attempts to enter through your solar panels, depending on what you prefer. If you sign up for "feed in tariff", the excess energy is fed back into the grid; if not, the system simply stops receiving energy until part of the energy from the batteries is used. (Regarding "feed in tariff": You don't need approval from the local power company, it is completely legal)

During the night when no more solar energy is generated, your household will use the energy from the batteries. When all that energy is depleted, you will start using Grid energy again, and the cycle repeats.

The basic price incudes the inverter/charger, solar cables, batteries (8kWh) and metallic cabinet. Please select from the drop down menu the number of solar panels.


energy storage system with inverter, charger and solar panels


Energy cycle in hybrid energy storage system with deep cycle batteries


Power Genration Equipment Included in the pack:

  • Solar Panels Eging high efficiency  22%, 400Watt  , 108 Half-Cut Cells.
  • Hoppecke 8kWh Energy Storage with VR-M 200Ah batteries in metallic enclosure
  • DC Fuses and AC Disconnectors
  • Modem. More information about the Web Box available here


The system is also expandable!


Dimensions of Sun Powerpack - 8kWh

Lenght : 82.9cm. Width: 38.5cm  Height: 76.7cm. Total Weight: 295kg


Hoppecke sun powerpack classic 8.0kwh 48V

Picture of the 8kWh Energy Storage. Uncovered metallic enclosure with AGM 200Ah 6V battery blocs

PV Mounting Structure

A wide range of aluminium and stainless steel components and systems are available to facilitate the fastening of any solar photovoltaic module. 
You can choose between portrait or landscape configuration, ground mounts and roof mounts of all kinds.
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