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1m to 25m Solar PV Cable 4mm Solar Panel Pre-Crimped MC4 Connectors

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Solar PV Cable 4mm² for Solar Panel Pre-Crimped with MC4 Connectors made by Hikra in Germany.

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Solar Cables & Connectors

Solar PV Cables

HIKRA SOL 1500V Pair of Solar Cable 4mm². Assembled with MC4 multi-contact connector

We offer you a hassle-free solution with pre-assembled cable links in specific lenght. The Hikra solar phovoltaic cable has double insulation with a maximum dc voltage rating up to 1500V. The cables are certified by TUV and VDE in accordance to the international cable standard EN506618. 

In the current listing, you can buy a pair of red and black 4mm² cables, it is safer and easier to use coloured wires to avoid any potential short circuits or mixed up polarities. The red cable is used for the positive (+) dc voltage from the solar panels and the black cable is connected to the negative (-) terminal of the solar array.

Cable characteristics

  • Nominal voltage [U0/U]: 0,6/1,0kV AC
  • Max. permitted operating voltage: 1,8kV DC 
  • Internal examination: 2,0kV DC (conductor/conductor not grounded system, non-loaded circuit) 
  • Cable has a special coating that makes is resistant to water and can be buried directly into ground
  • Double insulated
  • Tinned copper multi-stranded wires wtih extremely low resistance

Usage of cable

The double-insulated HIKRA Solar cable is suitable for indoor and outdoor use for free hanging and fixed installation.

Product Code: HIKRA SOL 1500V EN50618



Solar Cables Datasheet


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