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Voltasol 5.5kW Hybrid Energy Storage System 8kWh & 14kWh AGM Lead Acid Batteries

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Available from End of December 2022. Pre Order Now to Secure Your Order.

Hybrid energy storage and 5.5kW inverter. A compact metallic enclosure with 8kWh power intensity and maintenance-free batteries. Customizable with solar panels and accessories.

Customise your own kit by selecting how many panels and batteries from the drop-down menus.

£1,850.00 Incl VAT.
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Energy Storage Self Consumption

Voltacon Hybrid Energy Storage 5.5kW with 8kWh Battery

The ideal partner for your green energy production.

 In this package, our Solar Experts added the essential equipment that will generate an adequate amount of electricity for properties up to 5 bedrooms or more. The energy solution is optimized for direct self-consumption. The electricity from solar panels is stored in batteries. This energy can be used when there is power demand from the consumers. 

If the batteries are fully charged, the home appliances are powered directly from the sun during the day. Any additional power will be withdrawn from the energy storage bank. 

In cloudy days, the grid (which is still connected in parallel with the new solar system) will top up the batteries and feed energy to the property. Using low-cost electricity at night (Economy 7, or equivalent rate from Octopus), it is possible to charge the batteries at night. 

The system is G98/99 compliant with control over the exported energy back to the grid.


Power Generation Equipment Included in the pack:

  • Solar Panels Eging-PV high efficiency 19%,  choose from the drop-down menu 8, 12, 14 and 16 PV modules.
  • Hoppecke lead-acid maintenance-free batteries installed in the metallic cabinet. 8/11/22kWh 
  • DC Fuses and AC Disconnectors
  • Double insulated colour coded, cable for solar panels 
  • Modem. More information about the Web Box available here

It is worth knowing that the system is expandable, more panels and batteries are installed in parallel with the existing equipment. 


Dimensions of Sun Powerpack - 14kWh

Lenght : 82.9cm. Width: 38.5cm  Height: 89.9cm. Total Weight: 370kg


Dimensions of Sun Powerpack - 8kWh

Lenght : 82.9cm. Width: 38.5cm  Height: 89.9cm. Total Weight: 290kg


PV Mounting Structure

A wide range of aluminium and stainless steel components and systems are available to facilitate the fastening of any solar photovoltaic module. 
You can choose between portrait or landscape configuration, ground mounts and roof mounts of all kinds.
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