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Voltacon Micro Inverter 600Watt Grid Tied up Single MPPT 230VAC

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UK Plug Micro inverter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth monitoring. Up to 600Watt PV panel. MPPT control down to a single panel, proven to delivery 20% more energy compared to string inverters

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Micro Inverters

Micro Inverter 600Watt with WiFi Antenna. Plug 'n' Play 

Micro inverters are simple and very easy to use. There is no need for programming, the installer does not have to set up any parameters, it is literally plug-and-play with two direct power connections, the solar panels are connected to the MC4 connectors and the ac output is plugged straight to the nearest 230V outlet (socket). 

That means you can now produce green energy from a single panel, if you run out of space there is still a good chance to generate electricity from 1, 2, or 3 panels. 

Benefits and technological advances 

  • Roofs with multiple orientations (south, southwest, southeast, east, etc)
  • Get the maximum energy yield from each mounting angle and roof orientation
  • The performance of each panel does not influence the other panels
  • If a panel is damaged or in shadow, it will not impact the rest of the system
  • Micro inverters are made to match the life span of the panels (25 years + ) 
  • An advanced monitoring system allows you to check the performance of every panel
  • More energy production (10-20%) compared to string inverters
  • Faster pay-back
  • 10 years warranty

Recommended Input Power:

  • (400~600W) × 1, 60~75 full/120~150 half cut cells
  • (280~330W) × 2 parallel, 72~75 full/144~150 cells
  • Output Power:520VA (Vac 230,Vmp 34)
  • Rated Frequency:50Hz/60Hz (46.5-62)Hz
  • Peak Efficiency 96.5%
  • Up to 12 inverters on a single line (cable), in a daisy chain

(HS CODE:8504403090)

Notice: This inverter requires a grid connection, it does not work off-grid or in parallel with off-grid inverters


TUV mark; CE-LVD EN 62109-1/2; CE-EMC EN-61000-6-1/3; Brazil INMETRO; VDE-AR-N
4105:2018; VDE 0124-100:2020;EN 50549-1:2019; NC RFG; VDE 0126-1-1/UTE C15-712-1(3)/VFR 2019

Concept of operation - Diagram


Daisy Chain Power Connection

The diagram below illustrates two small solar panels connected to one Micro inverter, if one panel will match the power rating of the inverter, the second PV input remains open (unconnected). The power cable is supplied separately. 

Recommended use of panels: 2x 375W or 1x 400W-450W

  • Output Voltacon 230Vac
  • Operating Voltage: 22-60Vdc
  • PV Open circuit voltage: 33-60Vdc
  • Starting voltage range: 22-60Vdc
  • Short circuit current: 2x15A
  • Maximum working current 2x12A

AC-Output Parameters

  • Output peak power: 600Watt
  • Rated output power: 580Watt
  • Output current; 2.3A
  • Ac voltage range: 180-280VAC
  • Power factor: 0.95
  • Number of branch connections: 12 pieces (single)

Output efficiency

  • Static MPPT efficiency: 99.5% 
  • Max output efficiency: 95% 
  • Loss of power at night: less than 0.5Watt
  • Total harmonic distortion: <5%

Mechanical Features

  • Operating temperature -20oC to + 50oC
  • Size: 283mm x 200mm x 41.6mm
  • Net weight: 1.46kg
  • Water proof grade: IP65 NEMA3R
  • Heat dissipation: Natural air convection 
  • Communication: Wi-Fi
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: EN61000-6-1:2007, EN61006-3-2007+A1:2011+AC:2012
  • Power Grid Standards: EN50549-1, EN50549-2, NBR 16149:2013, UK1741
  • Power Grid Detection: IEC/EN62109-1, IEC/EN62109-2, IEC62116, IEEE1547

Package gross weight: 2.2kg, 342mmx 240mm 115mm

Box of 5 Micro inverters: 11.5kg  440mm x 380mm x 260mm


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