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Acrel Solar Inverter Energy Meter Single Phase ACR10R-D16TE

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The current sensor (CT, current transformer), measures the current at the incoming power supply and sends the information to the solar inverter via the RS485 serial port. Compatible with Solis Hybrid inverters. Din rail mounted

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Energy Monitoring & Control

Acrel Digital Single phase energy meter RS485 Pulse Output 

● Single phase three wire

● Rated voltage: AC 120V/208V,240V(88%~110%)

● Rated voltage: AC 100V or 400V

● Rated current: AC 80A


● Certificate: CE




DIN 35mm



Voltage: 0.2, Current, Power,Active energy: 0.5,Frequency:0.01Hz,Reactive energy:1



Power consumption


Power supply output

AC85~265V or DC100~350V

Input consumption

Less than 0.2VA


The data transmission is accomplished via the RS485 port using an RJ45 cable with only 2pin wiring. The energy meter is powered directly from the mains voltage and along with the current measurement, your inverter will know the exact power demand (in watts)


  • LCD 8 digits

  • Parameters measuring:current,voltage,frequeny,power factor,active power,reactive power,apparent power and 4 quadrant energy

  • Communication:RS485 modbus-RTU

  • Switching value input and relay output

  • Optional functions:

    Total harmonic distortion(THD)

    Up to the 31st harmonic

    Max demand 

    Multi-tariff energy metering

    SOE record


    In-built clock



    Pulse(2 channel)

Technical parameters Indicators
Input Grid Single-phase
Frequency 45~65Hz
Voltage Rated voltage: AC 100V, 400V
Overload: 1.2 times the rated voltage(continuous); 2 times the rated voltage lasting for 1 second
Power consumption: less then 0.2VA
Current Rated current:  10A,20A,40A,80A,120A,200A etc. (for details see product specifications)
Overload: 1.2 times the rated current(continuous);10 times the rated current lasting for 1 second
Power consumption: less then 0.2VA
Output Communication RS485 interface, Modbus-RTU
Display LCD
Measurement precision Voltage: 0.2 level, current, power Active energy: 0.5 level,0.01Hz frequency, Reactive energy: 1 level
Power supply AC85~265V or DC100~350V; power consumption ≤10VA
Safety Power frequency withstand voltage AC2kV 1 min between power supply // current input//voltage input and communicationAC2kV 1 min between each pair of combinations among power supply, current input and voltage input.
Insulating resistor Input,output terminal to housing >100MΩ
Environment Working temperature: -10℃~+55℃;storage temperature: -20℃~+70℃Relative humidity:5%~95%,non-condensing; altitude:≤2500m



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