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Acrel Three Phase Smart Energy Meter for Solis Inverters - DTSD1352/C 3

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Multifunctional 3-phase energy meter for Solis Solar inverters. 3 Current Clamps are included (CTs)

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Energy Monitoring & Control

DTSD1352/C also called ADL3000-E is a smart energy meter designed for solar photovoltaic inverters, industrial and mining enterprises and utilities. It calculates the electricity consumption and manages the power flow. 

DTSD1352 can be used in all kinds of control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems. All meters meet the related technical requirements of electronic power meters in the IEC62053-21、IEC62053-22 standards.

3 Current Clamps are included


  • Din rail mounted
  • kwh: Class 0.5s, kVarh: Class2
  • AC 3X220/380V, 3X380V, 3X57.7/100V, 3X100V
  • 3X1 (6)a, 3x10 (80) A
  • V, I, P, Q, S, PF, kWh, kVarh
  • RS485 (MODBUS-RTU)

Electrical Parameters ACREL  DTSD1352/C3

Voltage Reference voltage 3×220/380V,3×380V,3×57.7V/100V,3×100V,3×380/660V,3×660V
Reference Frequency 50Hz

<2VA(Single phase)


Current Input current Outlay transformer:3×1.5(6)A、3×20(100)AInlay transformer:3×1.5(6)A
Starting current Outlay transformer:1‰Ib(3×1.5(6)A)、4‰Ib(3×20(100)A)Inlay transformer:1‰Ib
Consumption <1VA (Maximum current)
Measure performance Conform to the standard GB/T 17215.321-2008 GB/T 17215.322-2008 GB/T 17215.323-2008
Accuracy class Outlay transformer:Active energy(Accuracy class:0.5s), reactive energy(Accuracy class 2)(3×1.5(6)A)Active energy(Accuracy class:1), reactive energy(Accuracy class 2)(3×20(100)A)Inlay transformer:Active energy(Accuracy class:0.5s), reactive energy(Accuracy class 2)
The clock precision ≤0.5s/d
pulse The pulse width 80ms±20ms
Pulse constant Outlay transformer:6400imp/kWh(3×1.5(6)A)400imp/kWh(3×20(100)A)Inlay transformer:6400imp/kWh
Communication interface RS485(A+、B-)
medium Shielded twisted pair
agreement MODBUS-RTU



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