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Hoppecke Parallel Kit for Sun Powerpack Classic

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If two banks of batteries will be connected in parallel, this procedure must be done in a safe way. The special box with bus-bars and copper terminals will interconnect any Battery Groups in parallel

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AGM Lead Acid

HOPPECKE Parallel Kit for Sun Powerpack Classic

When it comes to paralleling two energy storage banks with batteries (Li-Ion or AGM Lead Acid) , a junction box with electrical insulation is important. It will safely connect two bigger groups of batteries in parallel to double the total Ah. 

Important Notice to the installers:

  1. The kit is suitable for identical batteries only
  2. It is compatible with Hoppecke Sun Powerpack Premium, the Lithium packs
  3. It is also suitable for the AGM VR-M blocks 

Manual and Installation Instructions of the Parallel Switch

  Download the manual here

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