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Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage 7.5kWh and 15kWh 48V

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High-performance LPF battery pack, easy to install, free of maintenance, ready to expand from 7.5kWh to 60kwh. Assembled with lithium ion US2000 batteries.Available from End of July 2022. Pre Order Now to Secure Your Order.

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Lithium Ion

Lithium Battery Energy Storage Cabinet 7.5kWh & 15kWh


Store excess energy generated by solar panels and use it whenever needed

Back up Power Supply:
Provide emergency power supply during grid failure.

Reduce your Energy Bills:
Benefit from low-cost electricity by charging your batteries off-peak hours. Octopus GO tariff is an example

Smart Energy Management:
Measure, monitor, and manage the system in real-time. Optimize the life expectancy of the solar system with intelligent algorithms

Compatible inverters: Growatt, Victron, Goodwe, Kehua, Solax, Voltronic, Studer, Sermatec, Solis, sofar, Voltacon.

  • 48V50Ah LFP battery
  • Size: 1140mm x 348mm x 577mm 15kwh indoor cabinet
  • Size 570mm x 348mm x 577mm 7.5kWh indoor cabinet
  • Cycle life: above 6000 cycles
  • Certificate: UN38.3, IEC62619
  • Connections: in parallel

15kWh energy cabinet: EAN Code: 0604947935915

7.5kWh energy cabinet: EAN Code: 0604947935908


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