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Battery Fuses & DC Disconnector 160A. Gave-Electro

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NH00 160A fuses. DC Disconnector. This device provides a means of protecting the entire battery bank and the inverter. Suitable for off-grid solar systems.

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Surge Protection & Fuses

Fuses and Disconnector  160A.

Protection for deep cycle batteries and off-grid photovoltaic inverters

Essential equipment for all off-grid solar systems with batteries. The fuses provide protection between the inverter and batteries. The isolator (disconnector) will help you to isolate the batteries from the inverter avoiding any risk of electric shock.


  • Fuse rating 80A, 100A and 160A
  • Rating of the isolator 160A
  • Fuse type NH00 gL/gG 
  • Voltage rating 500V

The box contains

1x Enclosure

1x Installation instructions

2x DC Fuses, one for the positive and one for the negative battery pole

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