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BMS RS485 Box - Pylontech and Hybrid Inverters

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For hybrid inverters from 3kW, 5kW Plus and three-phase 10kW. The BMS interface box is equipped with the RS232 port, the data cables are provided

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Energy Monitoring & Control

RS485 Box for BMS Interface - Pylontech Batteries

Detailes Functions

  • Via the communication between the inverter and lithium battery, it’s able to re-configure the charging voltage, charging current, battery discharge cut-off voltage and max. discharge current, according to the lithium battery parameters.
  • Have unit start or stop charging according to the status of lithium battery.
  • Have unit start or stop discharging according to status of lithium battery.
The card is required for the hybrid inverters 3kW-10kW to establish compatible communication with BMS of Pylontech batteries. The same card is also suitable for the 10kW three phase hybrid inverter.

If the inverter has a built in intelligent slot, it can work with RS485 box and RS232 interface.  When the Intelligent port is occupied by a Wif-Card or other communication cards, we recommend the RS485 external box with RS232 communication port.


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RS485 Card Manual

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