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Complete Off-Grid VoltaKit - 5kW (48V) AGM Lead Acid Batteries 11kWh 3600Watt Solar Panels

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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit with batteries, solar panels, battery monitoring, cables, fuses and battery enclosure
£4,900.00 Incl VAT.
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5kVA - Solar Off-Grid Kit - Full Package

Your own solar power station in one cabinet

The 5kVA (48V) Voltakit is our most powerful Single MPPT solution. If you want to be completely autonomous, this package is suitable for even the biggest electricity consumers out there. Choose your required number of panels or contact us to find out your exact needs, and our engineers will help you find the best solution for your idea. 

The Conversol off grid solar kit is the smartest and most reliable solution for generating your own power supply in remote locations. The system is manufactured in Great Britain with the high quality components that meet the demand of off-grid domestic and industrial consumers. The electrical components such as inverters, battery chargers, AC and DC disconnectors are pre-assembled and pre-wired in a metallic cabinet. The systems are literally plug ‘n’ play, we have tested them in our factory which means they are ready for operation.

We can guarantee a simple, hassle-free and without any error installation on your site. We eliminated any potential risk that may cause short circuits or wrong power connections. Your solar off-grid system is ready to generate electricity in few minutes.

Off-grid kit to power AC loads. Uses a 48V Hoppecke 11kWh battery store and 9x 320W solar panels. Perfect for applications such as remote buildings, offices or accommodation. 

  • Solar panels simply plug-in
  • Includes all circuit breakers for AC circuits.
  • Maintenance-free batteries
  • 8pcs Battery Lead Acid sealed and maintenance-free
  • 8kWh out of 11kWh usable (recommended)
  • 9pcs of EGING PV solar panels 400W
  • 1pcs 5kW Inverter/Charger
  • 1pcs metallic enclosure for the batteries
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
  • No moving parts
The additional component also required :
  • The mounting structure for photovoltaic panels

The Conversol Power Station cubicle is equipped with a combi off grid inverter/charger (Conversol 5kVA) with integrated MPPT battery charger. We use the latest digital 3-stage charging process that is 20% more efficient and faster compared to PWM technique. We also installed a remote control panel on the door of the cabinet, you can control and check the parameters of your inverter safely without getting close to live power parts.

For as little as £90 the entire solar off grid kit will be monitored via the internet with the Web-box.

Complete Solar Kit Diagram

The most comprehensive solar off-grid kit in the market

The Conversol Solar Off Grid Kit is made of single phase 5000VA48V solar inverter/charger with a single MPPT input (Maximum Power Point Tracking). The solar charge controller will charge the batteries from the PV power up to 60A.

The battery cables (2x 2.5m 25mm² battery cable) are also included in the cabinet, the installers will simply connect the marked terminals (+ / -) directly on the battery bank. The inverter, charge controller and the battery are protected by DC-capable switch-disconnectors.

The solar panels can be separated via a circuit breaker. The AC input and output is also protected ground fault circuit interrupters. A fan system maintains the optimum temperature inside the cubicle.

The solar panel consisting of Eging polycrystalline 320Watt modules is supplied with pre-assembled  module string cables and photovoltaic junction box with surge protection varistors

The battery bank contains all the accessories including connectors, terminal screws, terminal caps and the battery mounting enclosure


Everything that the VoltaKit 5kW contains


  • Solar panels simply plug-in
  • Includes all circuit breakers for AC circuits.
  • All the DC breakers and fuses
  • 8pcs Maintenance free batteries 250Ah 6V Block
  • 8kWh out of 11kWh usable (recommended)
  • ET Solar 320W, 9 modules
  • Metalic enclosure for the batteries
  • 25 meters of red solar cable 4mm2
  • 25 meter of a black solar cable 4mm2
  • 5kW Inverter/Charger 80A
  • Earthing cable & Stick
  • Victron Battery Monitoring  BMV 712
  • No moving parts
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
All the above with are delivered with wiring instructions and user's manual. If your power requirement change, we have made projections for the future and offer the posibility to expand your system. 

Expandable Photovoltaic System

  • Double the energy storage from 11kWh to 22kWh
  • Add up to 9 solar inverter in parallel 
  • Add up to 4500Wp of solar panels on each inverter
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