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Din Rail 63A DC Isolator 4-pole 1200V. Option with enclosure

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The safe way to protect yourself and the solar panels is to use our 63A DC isolator switch with 3 poles. The maximum PV voltage is 900V.
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Protection & Monitoring

Protection Device. Solar DC Isolator 63A. 4-Pole 1200V

This protection device is installed between the solar inverter and photovoltaic panels. It provides the safest way to isolator solar PV strings with high current and voltage up to 900V. 

Application examples

Assume that you have 5 strings of 3 panels in each string. That means 9A per string and total current from 5 strings 45A. This amount of power requires a 63A isolator. 

The BB1H-63 Series of Volta-Switch, is a PV DC Isolator mainly used in PV solar systems with combiner boxes and controllers. It offers effective disconnections and Anti-reflux protection. For additional protection, we added in the design arc-extinguishing technology.

This product complies with IES60947-3/GB14048-3

Dimensions: W:53mm. H: 96.5mm



  • Poles: 4p configurable
  • Max Current: 63A
  • Rated Current: 25A, 40A, 63A
  • Rated Insulated Voltage: 1200V
  • Rated Impulsed Voltage: 6kV
  • Ingress Protection: IP40. Connection Terminal IP20
  • Mechanical Service Life: 20,000 cycles
  • Electrical Service Life: 4000 cycles

 Wiring Diagram


Model BB1H-63
Poles 1P 2P 3P 4P
Standard IEC60947.3
Rated Operational Voltage (Ue) 300V,600V,900V,1200V
Rated Current 25A 40A 63A
Mechanical Cycle 20000
Electrical Cycle 4000
Protection Degree IP66 enclosure/IP20 switch body
Polarity No Polarity
Certificate CE/ CB
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