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Victron LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/200Ah Smart BAT512120610

0% of 100

12V lithium iron phosphate with built in cell balancing, over current protection and direct monitoring via bluetooth 

£1,590.00 Incl VAT.
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Lithium Ion

Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) is the safest of the mainstream li-ion battery types. The nominal voltage of a LFP cell is 3,2V (lead-acid: 2V/cell). A 12,8V LFP battery therefore consists of 4 cells connected in series; and a 25,6V battery consists of 8 cells connected in series.

  • With integrated cell balancing
  • Can be parallel and series connected 
  • Bluetooth app available to monitor cell voltage and temperature

Carton size: 43x31x20 cm

Nominal capacity 200Ah at 25°C

Nominal capacity 160Ah at 0°C

80% DoD 2500 cycles
70% DoD 3000 cycles
50% DoD 5000 cycles

Charge voltage 14.4V
Float voltage 13.5V

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