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Voltacon Lithium Ion LFP Battery 5.12kWh 48V, Solar and Wind Energy Storage

87% of 100

Lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) is the safest li-ion battery, more energy efficient, and ideal for off-grid solar and wind applications. Round trip efficiency 92%. Ultra compact and energy-intensive, a single console stores 5.12kWh.

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Lithium Ion

Voltacon Lithium Ion Battery 100Ah, 48V, 5.12kWh

Unlimited Home Grown Energy Storage 

You can create energy storage towers with these 5.12kWh 100Ah batteries that are strong enough to power anything from a camper van to a big house, either in connection with a public grid or entirely off-grid. Power and communication cables are included, so you can easily stack up to 5 batteries with inexpensive metal brackets or up to 6 in a server cabinet. It’s possible to reach up to 125kWh by connecting multiple stacks in parallel, and they are compatible with 13 different solar inverters.

Safety features include built-battery fuses to prevent short-circuiting, thermal management to drain excess heat, cell balancing algorithm and battery management system to avoid and protect against over/under voltage. Given the cost of electricity, the batteries and solar panels can pay for themselves within three to five years.

Main Advantages of Lithium-Ion Batteries 

  • Extremely high efficiency, round trip efficiency 95%
  • Very low standby consumption less than 0.5Watt
  • Higher discharge and starting current compared to lead-acid
  • Energy density 100-200Wh/kg
  • Power density 1500-2000W/kg
  • Recharge time 1hour to 100%
  • Operating temperature from 0°C to 45°C 

Key Features

  • We offer 48V 100Ah batteries with sophisticated & reliable BMS.  

  • You can connect them in parallel to make 3.5kwh to 120kWh system. 

  • Easy to install and free of maintenance

  • Long-lasting (up to 6000cycles)

  • Can be used on-grid and off-grid

  •  IEC62619 & UN38.3 certificates.

  • Compatible inverters: Voltacon, Growatt, Kelong, Goodwe, Sermatec(SMT), Studer, Victron, Deye, TBB Power, Schneider, Voltronic, LuxPower, Afore, Megarevo, Solis.

Battery Identification

Model: 48V100Ah LFP battery

Size: L440mm* W620mm * H117mm  (2.6U)

Cycle life: above 6000 cycles

Certificate: UN38.3, IEC62619

Connections: in parallel

We captured some screenshots from an installation where the 5kW Hybrid Solis is set up to communicate with the BMS protocol, please follow the link here


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity (Wh)


Usable Capacity(Wh)


Dimensions (mm)

L440mm* W620mm * H117mm

Weight (KG)


Discharge Voltage (V)


Charge Voltage (V)

57.6 V


Charge / Discharge Current (A)

50A (Recommended)



Communication Port


Working Temperature℃

0 ~ 50

Storage Temperature ℃

-20 ~ 60

Authentification Level

IEC62619 / UN38.3

Design Life

10+ Years (25℃ / 77℃)

Cycle Life










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