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Masterhunt 500A Shunt Resistor with Master Bus Interface

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Monitoring accurate data from any battery requires the use of a shunt resistor. Mastershunt 500 provides high level of accuracy and control

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Energy Monitoring & Control

MASTERVOLT Shunt Resistor Mastershunt 500

How it is  made. Having full control of your batteries

The heart of any off grid system or battery fed motor board or caravan. It is a vital part for monitoring the status of the battery.

The Masterbus facility will share information about any battery bank with the Mastervolt inverters, chargers and monitoring screens. If you can not measure it you can not improve, this is the main purpose of the shunt resistor. It provides accurate data, improves the performance of the solar system and prolongss the life of the batteries.

The MasterShunt 500 will gather all the quantities that describe the status of the battery bank, such as voltage, current temperature and the state of charge. All the data is available via the Masterbus cable

Measuring accurately the current flow Mastershunt will tell us the exact time remaining. The user can program specific events like starting a generator automatically when the battery voltage is low.

The maximum allowable Depth of Discharge (DOD) can be determined and the time left will be adjusted. 

MasterShunt offers various choices for fuse type, rating and location. The monitoring systemm has an internal bus-bar that is used where external fuse is selected. If Mastrershunt is placed near the battery, the bus-bar can be replaced by an ANL type or class T main fuse.

More than just a resistor

  • Digitan Shunt provides extensive number of data.
  • State of Charge (SOC) accurately calculated.
  • Robust casing, isolated terminals.
  • Direct connection to eathernet bus.
  • Power saving mode.
  • Real time , accurate calculation of time remaining.
  • Increase the current rating by adding more in parallel


Applicable too marine, mobile, industrial, where batteries need to be monitored for increased reliability, battery life and runtime..

Technical Specifications and Sensors

Battery types Gel, AGM, flooded, Lithium Ion Protection degree IP21

  • Battery voltage 12, 24 or 48 V DC
  • MasterBus powering yes, incl. Smart MasterBus Powering
  • Current 300 A continuously, 400 A for 10 min., 500 A for 5 min. and 600 A for 2 min.
  • Main fuse bus bar included in MasterShunt, Class T fuse or ANL fuse to be ordered separately
  • Idle consumption 23 mA (normal operation), <1 mA (power saving, MasterBus off
  • System functionality alarms, timers, auto start/stop for the generator
  • System information e.g. time remaining, voltage, current, state of charge
  • Programmable alarms warning low voltage, low state of charge, high voltage
  • Dimensions, hxwxd 150 x 150 x 65 mm 5.9 x 5.9 x 2.6 inch
  • Weight 0,7 kg 1.5 lb

Your will find in the box the following accessories

Delivered with MasterShunt, temperature sensor, MasterBus Terminator, MasterBus cable, isolation cover for DC connections

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