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Solar Battery Charger 60A. SCM60 MPPT Mastervolt

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A fast and accurate solar battery charger from Mastervolt, the SCM60 MPPT-MB charges from  600Wp to 3600 Wp solar panels. With auto-sense function it can be connected to 12V, 24V and 48 volt battery banks. Suitable for large and medium-sized solar off grid systems

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Battery Chargers

Top of the range MPPT 60A Solar Battery Charger

Compatible with 12V, 24V and 48V Battery Arrays. Autosense Function

You can expect to get more out of your ordinary solar panels, the advanced maximum power point tracker (MPPT) from MASTERVOLT will charge up to 30% faster any battery type at any standard battery voltage. Another advantage of the SCM60 is the ability to charge your batteries using 36 cell, 72 cell and even 60 cell solar panels.

A single MPPT charge regulator for inexpensive solar panels

You can connect multiple solar panels in series creating a dc bus of 145V. This voltage level requires shorter cable lenghts and standard protection devices such dc fuses and disconnectors. The voltage is also optimised for lower losses in the solar cables.

Easy to install, safe and flexible

Buying an SCM60 MPPT charger is a real investment since you can harvest solar energy that can be stored in any battery including Lithium Ion.  Mastervolt has pre-loaded all the charging profiles for gel, AGM, lead acid and lithium batteries that can be selected in the menu. There is a sharp, user friendly dispaly where all the parameters can be viewed and modified. 

We want to protect you and your investment that's why this solar battery charger comes with protection against over temperature, overload and high/low battery voltage. To make the installation even safer, we added reverse polarity check because safety really matters. 

The robust casing of the SCM60 MPPT-MB in conjuction with the cooling system will protect the electronics from condensation and water spray. 

The MasterBus for More comfort and independence

Using standard RJ45 ethernet cable you can interconnect multiple Mastervolt devices and monitor your energy system. You can fully automate your solar system to suit your needs

The algoright of three step battery charging

  • BULK: At this stage the charger generate its maximum current for quick charging from 0 to 80%
  • ABSORPTION: The charger has reached the maximum charge voltage. Up to 100% the charge current will gradually decrease.
  • FLOAT: The final stage begins once the battery is fully charged. The battery remains in fully charged state.

Mastervolt Solar Battery Charger

Diagram: Three-step charging procedure

Download the Installation Manual

 User's Guide and Installation Procedure

 Product Brochure Mastervolt Solar Charger SC60

General specifications 
Display/read-out backlit LCD with PV power, load power, battery voltage, charge current, warnings, battery state of charge, battery setting

398 x 168 x 104 mm



Cooling passive
Protection degree IP23
Grounding (-) terminal
Technical specifications 
Technology MPPT (Max. Power Point Tracker)
Temperature range (ambient temp.)

-20 °C to 55 °C

Cable size max. 35 mm² Litz wire
Protections over temperature, over load, high/low battery voltage, high/low PV voltage, short circuit, reverse polarity & HV transients
Relative humidity 95% non-condensing
Specifications battery charger 
System voltage (battery) Automatic 12/24/48 V detection
Battery types AGM, gel, wet, Lithium Ion (MLI series)
Battery temperature sensor Yes
Lithium Ion protection via MasterBus connection
Max. charge current at 40 °C 60 A
Energy consumption (night) < 1 mA
Solar input (DC) specifications 
PV start voltage (12/24/48 V) 15 V/27 V/51 V
Nom. PV current at 40 °C 50 A
Nom. PV voltage (12 V) 13.2-115 V
Nom. PV voltage (24 V) 26.4-115 V
Nom. PV voltage (48 V) 52.8-115 V
Max. PV voltage (Tmin) 145 V
Max. PV power (12 V) 900 Wp
Max. PV power (24 V) 1800 Wp
Max. PV power (48 V) 3600 Wp
Max. efficiency > 98 %
Static MPP efficiency 99.9 %
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