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Mobile Power Station 1600W Victron Easy Solar AGM Leisure Batteries & Panels

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A complete all-in-one solar kit for mobile applications. Fully customizable with solar panels, batteries, and energy monitoring. 1600W ac output and deep cycle seal batteries. 420Watt solar panels and Hoppecke AGM Batteries. See options in drop down menu

£1,590.00 Incl VAT.
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Solar RV & Motorhomes

Convert your motorhome, campervan, or your old van into a small house that is power independent. Without compromises, you will enjoy a pure sinewave 230VAC like the one you have at home

Victron inverters are well known for their reliability, sophisticated operation that leads to plug-and-play installation that is maintenance-free. For uninterruptible power supply where ever you go, the solution is available in this listing.

The core of your system is the all-in-one Easysolar 1600Watt with 24V input and high energy density batteries with AGM technology. 

The starting price includes the all in oen Easysolar inverter with integrated MPPT charger from Victron (CEP121621000 EasySolar 12/1600/70-16 230V MPPT 100/50). The solar kit is customizable using the values of the drop down menu. 

Content of the solar PV Kit

  • Victron inverter/charger 1600VA  included in the price
  • DC-DC converter for 12V loads - 360Wat (check drop down menu for options)
  • AGM Hoppecke Battery, 150Ah bloc (check drop down menu for options)
  • DC battery isolator and fuses (included)
  • Double-insulated solar cable (supplied if you buy the panels)
  • Battery energy monitor Bluetooth
  • Monocrystalline solar panels 425W (check drop-down menu for options)
  • Battery cables (supplied if you buy the batteries)
  • PV Mountings - ABS or metallic racks (check drop down menu for options)

For additional convenience, we added the option to install a dc-dc converter across the 24V battery terminals, the isolated dc output will feed low-power 12V loads inside your vehicle or boat. 


Technical Specifications Per Item 

Solar Panels 425Watt

Technology: 108-cells, monocrystalline
Open circuit voltage: 37V
Short circuit current: 13.54A
Dimensions: 1774x1005x35mm 
Weight 19kg

Panels should be installed electrically in series


AGM- Hoppecke Battery 

Capacity 150Ah, 12V per bloc
Dimensions: 49cm x 17cm x 23cm, Weight: 55kg
Design life 12 years

Easysolar All In One 

Dimensions: 743x215x112mm


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