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Hybrid Wind & Solar Off Grid System 8kW Inverter with Lithium Ion Batteries

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The power of wind and sun combined to produce a stable AC supply 230VAC, 8000Watt with lithium-ion 5.12kWh consoles. The starter pack includes the inverter, cables, and protection devices. Now we offer this package with US5000 Pylontech batteries

£1,250.00 Incl VAT.
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1kW Wind Turbine

Complete Kit of 1kW Micro Wind Turbine and Solar Panels 8kW Inverter (see options)

The off-grid system has a dual source of renewable energy with lithium-ion battery storage. 

Wiring diagram of a hybrid system with a wind turbine, solar panels, and lithium-ion batteries. The starting price of the kit includes the following

  • 8kw single-phase off-grid inverter with built-in charge
  • Combiner box for the inverter

Optional items to be added from the drop-down menu

  • 1kW Wind Turbine Generator
  • Rectifier, charger and controller of the wind generator (V5). 

In the next steps, the system is designed using the drop-down menu of the listing. The solar inverter works with 2 independent MPPT inputs, each one can accept up to 4000W of solar PV.

The energy storage is made up of high-quality lithium-ion batteries at 5.12kWh (per console). 

The continuous AC output power of the system is 8kW with the possibility to expand the system by installing identical inverters in parallel (up to 8 units). 

Expandable Energy Storage

The 5.12kWh Li-Ion battery is connected in parallel with multiple identical consoles to form 40.9kWh with 8 batteries. The installation manual is available in the download section. For more than 8 batteries a communication hub is required.

What do I get with the basic price ?

  • 8kW Inverter/Charger
  • Combiner box with surge protection, fused terminals and DC isolators. 
  • 25-meter red and 25 meter black 6mm solar cable
  • AC Input and AC output surge protection
  • Consumer unit for the AC output. 

NOTICE:  Using the drop-down menu, the system is customized with solar panels, batteries, and wind turbine

Bespoke solar & wind system for off grid 8kW power supply

Lithium Ion Battery Specifications

  • Nominal voltage:           51.2V
  • Nominal Capacity (Wh): 5120Wh
  • Usable Capacity (Wh):  4250Wh
  • Dimensions (mm):        L440mm* W620mm * H117mm
  • Weight (KG):                51kg
  • Discharge Voltage (V):  45-54V
  • Charge Voltage (V):      57.6V
  • Charge / Discharge Current (A): 50A, 70A(Max), 100A Peak at 2 sec
  • Design Life:                   10 years
  • Cycle Life: 6600 at 22℃

8kW Inverter with Dual MPPT Charger 2x4kW

  • High Tech Features and Easy Diagnostics
  • Integrated Wi-Fi communication card
  • RGB Light, status indicator
  • Remote Communication Panel
  • Parallel Function of up to 6 units
  • Direct connection to DC loads (fans, bulbs, router etc)
  • Anti-dust filter pre-installed
  • Ready to communicate with Lithium Ion Batteries (Pylon US2000 & US3000, Li-2021)
  • Compatible with all lead-acid batteries (AGM, GEL, Forklift, leisure, flooded)
  • Wide MPPT voltage from 90V to 450V


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