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Parallel Kit for 3kVA-5kVA Inverters 24V

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Optional External Parallel Accessories Kit for Axpert 3KP & 5KP-24V ( P/N: 31-011114-00G)

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Parallel Kit for Off Grid inverter 3kVA-5kVA 24V KP

The kit will enable the installers to set up large single phase and three phase systems. Your off grid solar kit can now be extended to with to 9 solar inverters/chargers. There is a printed circuit board (PCB) that is installed inside the inverter, the communication is established with RS232 cables and a pair of twisted leads. 


The parallel cards must be used with identical solar inverters, if you have a 3kVA converter at 24V, you have to use products from the same product family. The catategory with all the compatible solar converters is available to the following link: 

 Parallel Installation - Conversol eV 4K-5K

 Parallel installation - Axpert KS+MKS 4K-5K


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