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Pylontech US5000 Lithium Ion Battery 4.8kWh 48V 100Ah

96% of 100

4.8kWh lithium battery with built-in BMS, compatible with the 35 solar inverters in the market. Easy to expand without extra communication hub. Suitable for off-grid systems, hybrid and for self-consumption. The right BMS RJ45 cable is required. Consult with your inverter supplier. Limited Time Offer &  Low Cost Shipping

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Lithium Ion

The pinnacle of lithium batteries from Pylontech - The new US5000 4.8kWh 95% D.O.D (4.56kWh usable)

This 4.8kWh energy storage product from Pylon is a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with a maximum DoD of 95% and a 10-year warranty. The modular design of the battery enables storage banks to be built-in units of 4.8kWh. The units are simply daisy-chained together for communication, and links are provided for connecting the batteries parallel. These batteries can require brackets for mounting.

In the download section we added a comprehensive list with all the compatible inverters, we counted 35 branded including our Voltacon off-grid and hybrid converters.

Key features

  • Firmware upgrade remotely - internet connection required
  • Up to 16 units per COM string, when using the LV Hub this can be up to 480 batteries!
  • 80A charge and discharge rate, 100A @ 15min, 200A @ 15s
  • Four levels of current protection - charging/discharging MOS, dual passive and active fuses and pre-charge circuit
  • Modular design for ease of expansion
  • Higher usable capacity resulting in fewer battery modules installed
  • Usable capacity 4.56kWh
  • Parallel Capability of up to 16 units
  • Allows for a large installation of up to 72.96kWh with no LV Hub
  • Intelligent BMS protecting battery cells
  • 95% DoD with a more usable capacity
  • RS485 and CAN compatible
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty extendable
  • 15 years life expectancy with over 8,000 cycles at 25oC ambient.

Power rating and Discharge conditions

Supplier Part No: US5000
Weight: 39 kg
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Nominal Energy: 4800 Wh
Depth of discharge: 95.00 %
Voltage: 48 V
Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use): 2400 W
Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes): 4800 W
Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds): 5808 W
Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes): 4800 W

Package dimensions: 560 x 510 x260 mm


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