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Silent Power 5kW Off Grid Inverter Cabinet 6kW Solar PV 48V/230VAC

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All in one solar off-grid solution for continuous 5kW power supply. Wi-Fi enabled, Fast MPPT Charger, compatible with AGM, Lithium, LiFePO4, and Flooded batteries. 

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Silent Power Cabinets

Turnkey Solution 5kW Wired Silent Power Cabinet

The Silent Power V7 , is a industrial-grade control cabinet that generates green electricity for off-grid homes. Central part of the system is the Conversol V7, at 5000Watt output and a staggering 6000Watt input from solar panels. 

Charging even large AGM or lithium ion batteries is efficient due to the 100A MPPT smart charger. There is single input for solar panels with medium voltage up to 500Vdc. A combination of up to two large parallel strings will feed 6kW of PV power. 

The unit is ready for direct connection to a back up source such as a diesel generator or the grid. The AC loads are connected a fully protected AC output plug , there is one 30mA 40A, RCD and MCB with TN-S earthing arrangement (common Neutra to Ground).

The installer is required to connect only string cables of the solar panels and the batter terminals. Save time and installation cost by investing in a fully tested equipment with up to 5 year extended warranty.  

The Solar-Assistant with Orange PI 3 LTS is included and programmed ready to monitor your inverter performance over the internet. No annual fees are required.

Features and Equipment Supplied:

  • 5kW Combined inverter with battery charger
  • 6kW MPPT Charger, 100A
  • BMS Compatible with lithium ion batteries
  • Integrated Wi-Fi remote monitoring 
  • Zero transfer time for UPS applications
  • Bluetooth monitoring and control
  • Removable LCD dispaly
  • Fused input and output terminals 
  • Integrated solar PV combiner with surge protection.
  • Splash proof external sockets for AC input and AC ouput.
  • Victron BMV712 battery monitoring via Bluetooth & external display
  • Parallel function for expansion to up 9 inverters

Combinations of solar panels

Double strings

  • 10 panels 300Watt in series combined with an identical string in parallel. 6000Watt
  • 8 panels of 400Watt in series combined with an identical string in parallel: 6400Watt
  • 7 panels of 400Watt in series combined with an identical string in parallel: 5600Watt

Single strings: 

Series connection of 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 panels. Before connecting to the inverter, the open circuit voltage should be measured. The permitted voltage 500Vdc. 


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