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Solar Battery Charger 25A. SCM25 Mastervolt

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The 25A MPPT solar battery charger is Mastervolt’s smallest charge regulator. Max PV input 720Watt. Compatible with 12V & 24V battery voltage

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Battery Chargers

Mastervolt SCM25 Solar Battery Charger with MPPT Controller

The smallest but still powerful battery charger from Mastevolt offer the solar installers great flexibility. You do not have to worry about the size of the solar panels, the inexpensive 36, 60cell or 72 cell photovoltaic modules are compatible with the SCM25 charger. What is more important, the innovative controller will charge your batteries up to 30% faster than any other PWM regulator. 

Easy connection to solar panels

The SCM25 can be connected to maximum PV power of 720Wp. It is possible to connect the panels in series which makes the installation more efficient with reduced cable lenght and negligible power loss.

A versatile MPPT regulator

This charger is adaptable to any standard battery voltage 12V/24V. It will charge all types of batteries such as AGM, gel, wet and Lithium Ion.  This is really achievable because Mastervolt has pre-programmed the charging profiles for all major batteries. The user can select his battery using the buttons on the controller.

Safety comes first

There are loads of protection features for safe and trouble-free operation, that includes protection against overload, high/low battery volts, over temperature, short circuit and last but not least reverse polarity protection. The housing of the battery charger will protect the electronics from condensation that means it conforms with IP23 rating.

 All the feautures at a glance

  • Very high efficiency for faster charging.
  • Sharp, bright display
  • Accurate Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
  • Up to 30% faster charging compared with PWM regulators
  • Suitable for the inexpensive 60 and 72 cell solar panels
  • Capacity for solar panel configurations from 200 to 720 Wp.
  • Suitable for all battery types
  • Automatic battery voltage detection 12/24 V
  • Battery temperature sensor for long lifespan.
  • Safe operation, audio signal in case of malfunctions.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Suitable for humid environments (IP23).


Product code: 131902500

Generic specifications 
Display/read-out backlit LCD with PV power, load power, battery voltage, charge current, warnings, battery state of charge, battery setting
Dimensions, hxwxd

135 x 190 x 75 mm  5.3 x 7.5 x 3.0 inch


1.3 kg 2.9 lb

Alarms buzzer
Cooling passive
Protection degree IP23
Grounding (-) terminal
Technical specifications 
Technology MPPT (Max. Power Point Tracker)
Temperature range (ambient temp.)

-20 °C to 55 °C       -4 to 131 °F

Cable size max. 10 mm² Litz wire
Protections over temperature, over load, high/low battery voltage, high/low PV voltage, short circuit, reverse polarity & HV transients
Relative humidity 95% non-condensing
Specifications of battery charger 
System voltage (battery) 12/24 V auto select
Battery types AGM, gel, wet, Lithium Ion (MLI series)
Battery temperature sensor yes
Lithium Ion protection via Multipurpose Contact Output, product code 77030500
Max. charge current at 40 °C 25 A
Switchable output (max. current) 25 A
Energy consumption (night) 5 mA
Solar input (DC) 
Nom. PV current at 40 °C 18 A
PV start voltage (12/24 V) 15 V/27 V
Nom. PV voltage (12 V) 15-66 V
Nom. PV voltage (24 V) 27-66 V
Max. PV voltage (Tmin) 75 V
Max. PV power (12 V) 350 Wp
Max. PV power (24 V) 700 Wp
Max. efficiency > 98 %
Static MPP efficiency 99.9 %



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