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Solar Ultimate Rail-Less Mounting for Trapezoidal & Corrugate Metal Roof

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Aluminum profiles 400mm long, with screws and rubber sealant. Complete set of mounting accessories supplied with every order including end clamps and middle clamps. 

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Ultimate Rail Less Solar Panel Mounting System 400mm Aluminium Profile


The short profiles of 400mm, offer an economical light weight solution for metallic roofs with trapezoidal or corrugated geometry. It also works for flat roof without any extrusions 


Why Am I Special ?

  • Simple, fast, cost effective installation
  • Light weight and only 400mm aluminium profile
  • Water proof EPDM rubber 
  • Rail free design

What is included

Each aluminium profile contains 4 screws and 4 EPDM pads.

End clamp and middle clamps are also included. The system is compatible with any size of solar panel.

NOTICE: We supply clamping accessories for panel frames of 30mm and 35mm.

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