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Solarflex Solar cable 10mm² in black. Double Insulation. Price per 10meter

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Solar flexible cables with high cross-section serve large scale photovoltaic plants, with high voltage and current especially in long distances. Prices per 10 meter

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Solar Cables & Connectors

Solarflex by Helukabel. 10mm2 PV cable 1500Vdc

HELUKABEL has the appropriate solutions for photovoltaic applications. In the early 90‘s they developed the first PV-cables that are marketed today under our leading SOLARFLEX® trademark with global approvals from TÜV and VDE. Together with our state-of-the-art PV-connectors, we offer our customers in the photovoltaic industry pre-assembled PV-cables and wires for quick plug-and-play on-site installation.

Cables with high cross-section area are ideal to transfer power in long distances in photovoltaic installation. To optimize the performance of your solar installation and increase the revenue the maximum voltage must reach the terminal of the inverter. If the voltage drop is high the MPPT algorithm of the inverter or battery charger will not function properly. 

The right diameter of the solar cable will provide a reliable connection by transferring the highest energy yield from your solar panels.

 Country of Origin: Made in Germany

 Technical Data:

  • Cables for PV systems acc. to EN 50618
  • Temperature range -40°C  to  +90°C
  • Permissible operating temperature at the conductor  +120°C
  • Nominal voltage
    AC  1,0/1,0 kV DC  1,5/1,5 kV
  • Maximum permissible DC voltage 1.8 kV
  • Test voltage AC  6,5 kV
  • Minimum bending radius fixed installation 5x outer Ø

Cable structure

  • Tinned copper conductor, fine wire acc. to
    DIN VDE 0295 cl.5 / IEC 60228 cl.5
  • Core insulation: special cross-linked compound, black
  • Sheath: special cross-linked compound

Solar cable 10,0 mm2, black, outer-Ø 7,1 mm (PU 500m) H1Z2Z2-K, EN 50618:2014, TÜV R 60148037 Weight: 115,000 kg per 1000 meters.

SOLARFLEX®-X H1Z2Z2-K 1x10 mm² BK Part no. 713532


Strand construction

Tin-plated copper strand (electrolytic copper), fine wire acc. IEC 60228 Class 5


Cross-linked Polyolefin; Shore hardness D 32; Minimum wall thickness acc. EN 50618 table 1

Outer Sheath

Cross-linked special compound XLPO; Shore hardness D 36; Minimum wall thickness acc. EN 50618 table 1


Sheath: black; Insulation: clear – naturally colored


HIKRA PLUS EN 50618 H1Z2Z2-K 25mm² R 60108819

Technical characteristics

Nominal voltage [U0/U]

1,5kV DC and 1,0/1,0kV AC

Maximum operating voltage

1,8kV DC (Internal examination 2,0kV DC)

Voltage test on complete cable

6,5kV AC / 15kV DC (5 minutes water bath, 20±5°C)

Current carrying capacity

See document „Current rating – HIKRA® Solar Cable“ November 2013

Max. resistance of conductor

EN 50395 Clause 5

Short-circuit temperature

250° C/5s

Cross-section mm²

Conductor construction n x max-Ø (mm)

Max. resistance of Conductor (Ω/km)

Cable OD (+/- 0,2 mm)

Copper kg/km

Weight kg/km

1 x 25.0

196 x 0.41





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