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Solar PV String Digital Monitoring System

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Solar PV String Level Monitoring. Up to 19 strings of panels are individually measured and supply energy and performance data.

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PV-Watch Individual Solar String Monitoring.

In medium to large scale solar photovoltaic installtion, the mesurement of power generation down to string level is paramount. 

Knowing how each individual string performs, it will help the solar park investors to optimise the performance and eliminate the down-time. If a series of solar panels is not working as it is expected, the data of the digital monitiring system will be analysed before taking actions to solve the problem. 

The PV-Watch is made of a PLC controller and high accurance current sensors. The Hall Sensors are available in module with 4 entries and expands to up to 24 PV-Strings. 

The maximum number of hall sensor is 24pcs that means 6 modules of 4 entries.


Compatible Voltage and Current

The controller is compatible with PV string voltages up to 1500VDC. There are 3 option for current sensors at 20A, 30A and 40A. 

The combination of multiple strings into one hall-sensor is possible by selecting a high current transformer.


PV String 1 : 10A, PV String 2: 10A, combined in parallel giving 20A. The output is fed through one current sensor measuring the power of two strings. 

For better optimisation, individual strings should pass current through each sensor. 

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