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Volta-Switch AC Isolator for Solar Inverters 25A/32A Single-Phase

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Solar PV AC-isolator that is compliant with IEC60947-3 and AS 60947:3:2018. The switch is encapsulated in the IP66 enclosure and provides safe isolation for voltages up to 1000V at 32A. Suitable for commercial and residential photovoltaic systems
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Volta-Switch AC Isolator for Solar Inverters 25A/32A Single-Phase

The V-Switch is a configurable AC isolator for a photovoltaic system with PV string voltage from 220V to 440V. The switch is a piece of essential equipment for any PV installation and should be connected between the solar panels and inverter.


  • IP66 water proof with UV resistance
  • Arcing time < 3ms
  • Earth connection
  • IEC60947-3, AS60947.3 compliant
  • 2 poles, single phase, isolation switch for solar inverters
  • 25A/32Amps 220V up to 440V configurable
  • 5 year warranty
Important Recommendation: A AC isolator should be able to stand the 1.15x the string open-circuit voltage (Voc) and 1.25x the string short circuit current (Isc)


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