Wireless Cards for Hybrid Inverter Monitoring

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Wi-Fi Card | Modem for Hybrid Inverters

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Monitor your hybrid on grid solar inverters, over the internet using a router and ethernet cable. Suitable for Infinisolar and Voltasol


Wi-Fi External Card - Monitoring Over the Internet - Wireless

The Wi-Fi card will collect data from connecting inverter(s), and transmit data to online data center via wireless network. The HTTP service of data server can monitor several devices, and can store all data/events in the data server. After installing the Wi-Fi card, users can configure the communication parameters as AP mode (Access Point) or remotely accessing the inverter data through the internet as STA mode (Station Mode). Users can access inverter operation data, and analyze problems with through the web browser. This Wi-Fi card will automatically update/install the latest firmware.

The Wi-Fi router is compatible with the Hybrid Inverters (single and three phase versions). The installation is plug'n'play and completely wireless. 

We recommend all our customer to use this device because it eliminates the downtime of your inverter,  you can act immediately if there is any fault or warning. A message will be emailed to your phone or tablet. 

The card is plugged into the intelligent port of the VoltaSol and InfiniSolar hybrid inverters. The compatible range of products is 3kW - 5kW - 5.5kW and 10kW.

Constant Contact With Your Inverter

  • Upload information to data server via wireless network
  • Remotely monitoring inverter(s) data through the data server at any time
  • Event Notification via Email
  • Built-in web server
  • Automatic firmware upgrade


   User's Manual for Wireless Wi-Fi Card. Monitoring Hybrid Inverters over the internet.

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