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Hoppecke | 12V Deep Cycle | Solar PV Batteries 105Ah

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High Intensity AGM Lead Acid Battery. 12V Deep Cycle Solar Photovoltaic, Leisure, Off Grid. It is ideal for 12V, 24V and 48V solar systems with energy storage

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Hoppecke 12V AGM Deep Cycle Battery - 105Ah

The Hoppecke Deep Cycle AGM batteries supply long life and high performance as a real deep-cycle battery with seal maintenance free technology. They also feature high energy density that is stored in the plates and released slowly during discharge.

VR-M blocs are fully sealed, non-hazardous and leak proof. They also pass rigorous vibration and shock tests.

The design principle for the sun | power VR M batteries is based on the use of flat plates and a glass-fibre mat as separator where the electrolyte is placed.

 The optimisation of the internal structure makes the batteries of this generation of batteries ideally suited for solar application.

The shock-resistant, reinforced polypropylene housing is robust against environmental influences and offers an easy assembly and a comfortable handling through integrated handles.

  • 3000 cycles to 50% DOD
  • 1000 cycles to 80% DOD
  • 3 year warranty
  • Design Life 10-12 years
  • Completely maintenance free

Recommended Configuration

If you are interested in a 24V or 48V off-grid of hybrid system with energy storage, we calculated the capacity for different configurations. 
24V System: 2 strings Sun Power VR M 12-105 : 4.2kWh (C10). Total 4 batteries
48V System: 2 strings Sun Power VR M 12-105 : 8.3kWh (C10). Total 8 batteries

The Characteristics of the 105Ah Energy Vault

Sunpower pack 105Ah - 12V Specifications

Dimensions: 34cm x 17cm x 23cm

Weight: 38kg

Terminals: F-M8

 sun | power VR M  Energy Charge: C(50) : 103Ah, C(10) : 87Ah

C100, C48, C24 and C10 = Capacity at 100 h, 48 h, 24 h and 10 h discharge



Product Manual

The Principle of Operation

The design principle of the HOPPECKE VR M batteries uses flat plates and a glass-fibre mat as divider, where electrolyte gel is fixed. Sun  ower VR M batteries are 100% maintenance-free, there is no need for water refilling. Extended cycle life and efficient charge current are some of the core features of Hoppecke products.

Voltacon stipulates the use of battery disconnectors and fuses for safety

Hoppeck is well ahead of the competition, with a special patented internal structure, the monoblocks are ideal for solar applications (quick charge and lengthy discharge process which is the case in domestic appliances). The reinforced poly-propylene case is resistant to shock and vibration. There handles on each side of the battery for easy and comfortable installation.

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