Energy Storage with Enclosure

Hoppecke Sun Power Pack. From 5.5kWh up to 22kWh

Voltacon offers the safest and easiest solution for energy storage which comes in a high quality rack with metal enclosure. All the necessary cables , a dc isolator and fuses are available in the package.

Typical applications:

  • Energy storage system for photovoltaic systems from 3kWp
  • Engery supply in case of power failures*
  • Energy storage for off-grid power supplies
  • Industrial applications (standby and cycle use)
  • On- and Off-grid Storage of PV Energy (residential and small commercial)

Your benefits:

  • Increase economic of your PV-systems by optimization of grid purchase costs
  • Uninterrupted service with autonomous power supply – even in case of power failure*
  • Simple handling & operation – components ready for connection
  • H ighest reliability – the used components are approved in industrial applications
  • Highest flexibility – can be combined with various battery inverters


  • 5.5 to 22kWh gross energy content VRLA technology 2.500 cycles at 50% dod
  • Suitable for 24V and 48V Solar off grid and hybrid inverters
Capacity variations:
  • 5,5/ 6,4/ 8,0/ 11,0/ 16,0*/ 22,0*kWh
  • Nominal Voltage: 24/48V
  • Max. Dimensions: 899 x 829x 385mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 195kg (5,5kWh) - 740kg (22,0kWh)
  • System components alomst fully recycable > 95%
The installation video is available on our youtube chanel 

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  Home Energy Storage from 5.5kW to 22kWh with AGM Battery

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