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Tigo Panel Optimisers

Tigo Optimizers and monitoring accessories.

Like any other source of DC energy that is connected in series, the same principles apply for the solar panels. Multiple photovoltaic cells are connected in series to form a high voltage that will produce sufficient current directly from the sun. Solar panels work at the optimum performance when the MPPT is not obstracted by shadows. Even the smallest ostacle on a cell or a whole solar panel will reduce the over energy by 70-80%. 

To eliminate the shadowing effect and boost the performance of the solar photovoltaic system, Tigo optimisers are installed on the problematic panels only. There is no need to deploy optimisers on every single panel of your solar array.  

The fact is the the energy of the shaded panel will be increased up to 30% and the performance of the non-shaded panels will not be affected at all. 

Works with off-grid and grid tie systems

The optimisers are compatible with off grid and grid-tie inverters. 

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