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1kW Wind Turbine

Hybrid Off-Grid Wind and Solar Systems

A 1kW horizontal axis turbine might not sound like much, but if you consider that wind often blows at a constant speed for long periods of time, it becomes possible for the turbine to generate 8 to 10kWh per day. Pair this with a 2 or 3kW solar panel, and you've got enough energy to power the average home, with no reliance on the standard grid. You can even store excess energy with the 48V battery charger, adding to the efficiency.

The wind turbine with the Wi-Fi enables the controller will charge 48V batteries (lead-acid and Pylontech US2000 with lithium-ion technology). The same battery bank may also be charged from a PV array (solar panels). The stored energy with the aid of a solar inverter (230V) will provide electricity to an off-grid property. 

An anemometer captures useful data about wind speed and protects the wind turbine from extreme turbulences.  The wind turbine operates in stand-alone systems with inverters or in hybrid renewable systems where solar power is also integrated as a prime source of electricity.

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