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NOTICE: New Bifacial 425Watt in Stock. Generate more energy from both sides of the panel
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Renesolar Bifacial Double Sided 425W front 90W Back Half Cut Monocrystalline

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The superior performance bifacial panel generates energy from both sides, 425watt from the top glass and an additional 90 watts from the bottom. Full Black Frame & Cells.
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Solar Panels

Renesolar Saturn - Bi-Facial 425W+90W Solar Panel with Double Glass

The bifacial panel will catch the sun rays from different directions, the back side of the glass can absorb the light from reflection and generate up to 90W additional energy.

The unique feature of these panels is the additional energy production from the back side due to the radiation being reflected on the ground. The amount of energy depends on the following factors:

Albedo Factor is the amount of sunlight diffusely reflected by an object and varies according to the time of year, the season and the material covering the ground. 


Solar Panel Features

  • Bifacial technology enables additional energy production from the rear side of the panel by up to 20% 
  • Glass-to-glass lamination extends the product life to 30 years with annual power degradation of less than 0.4% 
  • The hot spot risk is reduced which is the main cause for early failures.
  • The power and heat are evenly distributed on both sides of the panel.
  • Half-cut solar panels have 50% shorter internal wiring, hence 50% lower resistance losses. 
  • Thinner inter-cell busbars mean more sunlight can be absorbed.
  • Can be installed at different angles even 90 deg vertically , it must always face the equator.

P-Type /Positive power tolerance of 0~+3%/Max module efficiency 21.77%

Ideal for ground mounting installation and flat roofs. It is not recommended for tiled roofs. The back side of the panel will generate additional energy by light reflection.

Dual Glass Solar Panel- Befit and Key Features

  • Module type: Bifacial+dual glass
  • Cell size: 182*182mm, 108 cells split into two halves 
  • Module dimension: 1773*1134*30mm
  • Linear performance for 30 years
  • The panel will preserve 85% of the original performance 
  • Warranty 12 years for the parts including frame, cells, diodes, and junction box.
  • Module peak power: 425W(front side)+90W(20% increased from back side), in total 515Watt

The dual-glass modules have also better thermal conductivity compared to conventional back sheets. The thermal resistance of dual glass is slightly lower than that of ordinary modules. The smaller the thermal resistance, the better the heat conduction.

The thermal diffusivity of glass is significantly higher than that of the back plate.

Thermal diffusion coefficient( α=λ/ρ C) The larger the value, the faster the heat diffusion inside the module, and the better the temperature uniformity of the module.

Uniform temperatures can also reduce mismatch and hot spots, bringing more power generation.

425W Electrical Characteristics at Standard Test Conditions

Maximum power Pmax 425Watt
Power Tolerance  0- + 5Watt
Module Efficiency 21.76%
Maximum Power Current  13.08A
Maximum Power Voltage 32.50V
Short Circuit Current Isc 14.02A
Open Circuit Current Voc 38.50V


Electrical Characteristics with 21% rear side power gain

Maximum Power  514.3Watt
Maximum Power Current Imp 15.82A
Maximum Power Voltacon Vmp 32.50V
Short Circuit Current Isc 16.97A
Open Circuit Voltacon Voc 38.50V


Mechanical Characteristics

Cell Type Mono P-Type, 182x182mm, 108 (6x18) Half Cut Cells
Glass 2mm+2mm, High Transmission , Low Iron, Tempered Glass
Frame Anodized aluminium alloy
Junction box IP68 Rated, with Bypass diodes
Dimensions 1772 x 1134 x 30mm
Output cable 4mm2
Weight 24.5kg
Installation Hole Location See drawing in downloads

Temperature Coefficient of Voc:     -0.260%/C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc:      +0.046%/C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax:  -0.310%C
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature: 45 deg C 

Maximum Series Fuse Rating : 30A

Maximum System Voltage : 1500VDC

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