Off-Grid Kits

Conversol PV Off-Grid Systems

The Plug'n'Play Off-Grid Solar Systems (Made in UK) offer a complete autonomous 230V AC Supply. We also manufacture three phase Off-Grid Systems with pure sine-wave 400VAC.

Start generating your own electricity with our Complete Solar System solutions. We cover a whole range of needs - from small systems ready to save you money on the electricity bill, up to complete autonomous systems specially designed for the biggest electricity consumers. In the diagram provided on this page you can find out how our VoltaKits work. For a better understanding of the advantages of these products, we also suggest you to read a more detailed overview, available after you click on any of the kits below.

At first sight it might seem confusing: with such a wide range of products and customization options you are not sure on what choice to make. Call us now and our engineers will help you find the perfect system for you. The Complete Off-Grid Kits that we offer are the simplest way to start generating your own clean energy.

Complete Solar Kit Diagram

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Grid  List