Off Grid Inverters

Voltacon Inverters for Generating and Storing Solar Energy to the maximum

The sun is an abundant source of energy but there are several major steps before solar energy can be utilised by the electronic equipment and electrical appliances. Power from Mono crystalline or polycrystalline photovoltaic panels (over 17% efficiency available from Voltacon Solar) will be converted and stored to batteries with solar charge regulators made by Voltacon and Mastervolt.

Using MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) which is a digital implemented algorithm the batteries will be charged faster ensuring a longer lifespan. A Conversol solar off grid inverter will convert the DC power from the batteries to a pure AC sine wave voltage.

Voltacon supplies all types of electrical accessories to complete any solar off grid and on grid system such as fuses, switches, special cables for AC & DC voltages and monitoring software. Voltacon has 15 years in house knowledge in solar photovoltaics systems and energy storage.

The off grid and autonomous systems are made of inverters ranging from 1000w to 4000w. The systems are configurable and can be scaled up to 16,000w using 4 inverters in parallel.We are also official representatives of the renowned brand of grid-tied inverters, Mastervolt. The power rating of the grid connected inverters starts from 1000W to 3000W.