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Solar Cables & Connectors

Solar Phovoltaic Cables

Durable and robust cabling components from leading manufacturers. Individually tailored and pre-assembled for ready to plug in wiring solutions. In addition, internally quality tested with special adaptations on reques

The solar installation is meant to last over 25 years, the insulation of the cable is made for the same life expectancy. The HIKRA Pro complies with EN 50618:2014, TÜV R 60108819 standards. It is available in 4mm² and 6mm². The high-grade insulation will not be affected from any weather condition, indoor and outdoor installation is possible without protective conduit.

A fine stranded wire of tinned electrolyte copper (IEC 60228/cl.5) as well as robust materials provide a low-loss transfer even after many years. When used in accordance with instructions, the expected life time of this product is at least 25 years. In addition, innovative insulating and sheath material designs provide greater resistance to abrasion and moisture. Versions with an additional nylon coating or stainless steel armour are also available at Voltacon Solar UK

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