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48V Off Grid 230VAC


Conversol is part of Voltacon’s complete off-grid solutions that includes solar panels, cables, fuses, automation, and — of course — the widest range of solar off grid inverters known to the solar industry.

Conversol is an intelligent combi solar inverter that comes with integrated battery charger that is enclosed within a robust quality unit that’s easy to install. Control is easily implemented digitally thanks to its advanced microprocessor, while its transformerless design ensures you of reliable power conversion. Designed for a wide range of operating temperatures, from -20°C to +50°C, Conversol works even in the most demanding conditions, which makes it the most easy-to-use and cost-effective solar inverter on the market.

Conversol is available in 4 different models: 1kVa, 2kVa, 3kVa, and 5kVa. It the most versatile inverter in the solar industry. With selectable charging current based on application, Conversol offers low “no load” current that prevents the battery from draining fast. Extreme power peak capability allows high current loads to start up easily without power dips or light flickering.

All our 48V inverters come with a built-in MPPT Charger. Our 1 Year Warranty is of course included with your Off-Grid Inverter order. Check out our new arrivals with Bluetooth connectivity and LCD screen. If you are still not sure what inverter you need for your Solar System, don't hesitate to ask our experts!


   Conversol S1   Conversol S2   Conversol S3   Conversol S4   Conversol S5   Axpert S6   Conversol V3   Conversol V5 Super 

Max. VDC

145 V 145 V 145 V 145 V 450 V 450 V 500 V 145 V


 5 kVA 5 kVA 5 kVA  15 kVA  5 kVA  5 kVA   5 kVA 5 kVA 


Single Duo Single Single Single Single Single Single

Floating Charge

 54 V  54 V 64 V  54 V  54 V  54 V  54 V  54 V 


 ✖️ ✖️  ✖️  ✖️  ✖️ ✔️  ✔️   ✔️ 

Parallel Function

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

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  1. The most powerful single phase off grid inverter. Expandable with up to 6 unit. PV Max 8kW Conversol Max 7.2kW Off-Grid Inverter 48V MPPT Charger EX-Display /Used Unit
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  2. 5kW off grid inverter with battery independent function. Works with Lithium Ion and lead acid, 120-450V MPPT , 5kW PV Max power Growatt 5kW Off-Grid SPF5000-ES 48V Inverter / Charger 230VAC
    Special Price £950.00 Incl VAT. Regular Price £999.00 Incl VAT.
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