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Quasar Wallbox 7.4kW The first bidirectional charger of its kind

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Up to 7.4 kW of power for charging or discharging. It’s compatible with CHAdeMO charging cable and is connected to the myWallbox app through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, or 4G (optional).

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EV Chargers

Wallbox Quasar was engineered to transform electric vehicles into powerful energy sources. The bidirectional charging technology lets you charge and discharge your EV, allowing you to power your home or the grid with your car battery. With Quasar, your EV battery is not just for driving, it also gives you extra energy to power your life.


Quasar is the world’s first bidirectional home charger. It allows you to charge and discharge your electric vehicle so you can use your car battery to power your home or the grid. With Quasar, your EV energy goes beyond driving.

Why have we created Quasar?
Cars spend 95% of their time parked and within that stationary object is enough energy to power a home for as much as four days with an EV. Quasar was created to turn EVs into powerful energy sources. The transition towards renewable energy requires storage solutions that
can support and even strengthen the grid at moments when energy from the wind or sun is abundant or when demand is stretched. Car batteries are part of the solution by acting as powerful energy banks to store and distribute energy into a home or the grid.

EV batteries can store up to 10 times more power than the standard 7 kWh lithium battery often found in solar photovoltaic systems. When you can use your EV battery to do more than “simply” drive, you open a new world of possibilities. Your car can supply energy to power domestic appliances or generate income by selling energy into the grid via your energy provider.


Quasar's proprietary bidirectional technology allows you to charge and discharge your EV, converting it into an energy storage unit that can replace or add capacity to a home battery. Use your EV to power your home, or vert energy back into the grid*.
*Dependent on your energy provider.


The world’s lightest and smallest DC charger, and the only one designed for the home. With features like facial recognition and gesture control, it’s easy to operate your charger.


Connects to your smart devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, or 4G (optional).


Schedule charging sessions to benefit from off-peak energy rates, monitor your charger status and more through the myWallbox app.

Onboard Intelligence

Don’t worry about connectivity blackspots in your garage or parking spot. By using bluetooth, Quasar lets you manage your charge even when you can’t connect to the internet

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