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Hybrid Wind and Solar Off Grid Kit 5kW Inverter WS5000LA

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This wind and solar off-grid kit will make power independent with a 1kW wind turbine, 5kw inverter with 230VAC pure sinewave, photovoltaics and lead-acid batteries with up to 20-year design life

£4,750.00 Incl VAT.
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1kW Wind Turbine

Hybrid Energy Systems - Wind Turbine - Solar Panels - Inverter Charger

The combination of wind and solar energy is a renewable energy solution that supports off-grid electrification with less usage of fossil fuels such as diesel generators.

A 1kW horizontal axis turbine and an expandable array of solar panels (400 Watt per module) will generate enough electricity to power your home without connection on the national grid. Most sites in the world experience 8m/sec wind speed that means an average daily production of 8-10kWh. 1kWp of photovoltaics is capable of producing 4kWh per day. An average household requires a 3kW-4kW system in order to generate enough electricity to keep the home appliances powered.

4kW of solar panels require 226 sq.ft or 20sq.m that is equivalent to 10 solar panels
Having a dual source of green energy (wind and solar) eliminates the risk to remain without energy even in the winter days. We listed below all the equipment of our WS5000 Kit.

Features of the WS5000

• 1kW PM Wind Generator
• 48V Wind controller and battery charger
• 5kW solar inverter with MPPT charger
• 400W Monocrystalline Solar Panels 108 half-cut cells
• Consumer unit with surge protection
• PV Combiner box with surge protection
• AC inverter isolation switch
• AC wind turbine emergency stop switch
• Anemometer with communication cable
• Monitoring software for wind and solar
• Lead Acid ( GEL) 48V Battery Bank 11kWh 16kW 22kWh (expandable)

NOTICE: For the basic price, the kit includes the 1kW wind turbine with the controller, 5kW inverter and battery charger, combiner PV boxes, cables, protection devices and battery monitoring. 

Battery Technology

We selected deep-cycle lead-acid batteries with GEL technology. This technology is maintenance-free with very low self-discharge. The original energy density (Ah/kWh) stays high until the end of life. There is a high cycle count of 3000 and tolerates daily heavy use and deep discharge operation. The life expectancy is 10-12 years.
For even longer design life we added in the listing the 16kWh lead-acid OPzS batteries with a design life 20 years (regular top-up of de-ionized water is required.

Solar Panel - 108 Half Cut Cells Eging PV

Using half-cut cells in solar frames, it is a smart way to drop the resistive losses, reduce the shadow effect from clouds and dirty cells while the overall efficiency of the module soars to 20%

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