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PV Mounting Structures

Aluminium Mounting Frames For Solar Panels.

The installation of photovoltaics on roofs or soil ground is a daunting task. There is risk of water leak or damaging the insulation on the roof may create unwanted problems during the installation. Our Easy-Plan mounting kits provide a simple solution, with proper insulating materials and very easy installation instructions.

We also invented a aluminium rail with 3M extra-strong adhesive for bonding on industrial roofs.

Our solutions are customised for each project individually. When you place your order our Mechanical Engineers will get in touch with you discuss the details of your solar project. Our kits cover all types of industrial and residential roofs. Easy Plan PV, is made for tiles, corrugated industrial panels, flat roofs, ground or direct mounting on concrete block. The latter method does not require any foundations.

Our Easy-Triangle is versatile product with the widest acceptance in the market. Without drilling the roof, the aluminium triangles (tilt angle adjusted by the factory from 10 degrees to 40 degrees) are screwed with standard wall plugs straight on concrete/cement blocks.

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